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Freedom From Water

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Man working on wall
Man working on wall

Freedom From Worry

end dam


Tin Snips
Tin Snips

Freedom from Seams


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In Field Flexibility

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Freedom To Move Quickly

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The Quick-Fit End Dam's patented web and rear leg are adjustable, with flexibility to provide a superior seal.


Just pop the Quick-Fit End Dam in place and complete the wall opening.


Without seams, the Quick-Fit End Dam offers far greater protection from water intrusion through masonry openings.


Quick-Fit End Dam $7.50/ea or $15/set plus shipping and applicable tax Order Now CONTACT US NOW
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A Better End Dam from
Freedom Flashing Products

Freedom Flashing Products is the manufacturer of the new, patented, seamless Quick-Fit End Dam with an adjustable rear leg and a moveable web.

While masonry walls are durable and appealing, masonry is permeable. Water penetration can lead to corroded metal, saturated insulation, damaged intereriors and mold.

The flexible Quick-Fit End Dam gives you outstanding security against water damage — enhancing the durability of your masonry walls. Your masonry walls will last longer, and your company's reputation for excellence will grow.

You'll get your jobs done quicker, too. The Quick-Fit End Dam is pre-formed but flexible to perfectly fit the opening; there's no need for on-the-job measuring and snipping. The adjustable rear leg can be tilted to accommodate nonparallel cavity variations between the inner and outer wall components. The moveable web provides a watertight pan without the need for soldering, welding or caulking.

Our mission is simple:  to provide a line of smart, simple and seamless flashing products as a strong and effective deterrent to the root cause of cracking, crazing and spalling. And we think we’re pretty good at it.

Whether you are retrofitting an old wall or constructing a new one, get the peace of mind that comes from the adjustable Quick-Fit End Dam. Let us shield you from risk. That’s what we call “Freedom.”

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Quick-Fit End Dam — Seamless yet Flexible

Finally: An End Dam That's Easy to Install
and More Reliable Against Water Seapage

For years, trained masons have been installing end dams at window and door openings to prevent water accumulation. Trade associations recommend it. Building owners expect it. State agencies mandate it.

If built well, a sealed end dam does a great job of containing water. If built poorly, however, a failing end dam can allow significant damage.

Quick-Fit End Dam - $7.50/ea or $15/set (plus shipping and applicable tax). Order Now!

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